Yes, it is extreme. I am extreme. Fuck “well-balanced”. Sometimes it really helps to be extreme. I wouldn’t have fucked 130+ girls if I wasn’t extreme.

– Boy Toy

This is probably the most important (and definitely the longest) page on this website so let’s get right into it: There are goals and there are rules. It took me a long time to learn the differences and the similarities, the relationship between the two and the fact that I need both. For example, one of my goals is to get fit, but that is not enough on its own; I need the rule to workout and do cardio for 30 minutes each every day. I’ve set many of both (goals and rules) for me to follow throughout the year which are listed below in no particular order. It’s not going to be easy, but I know it will be worth it if I want things to take off in my life. Feel free to adopt any or all of these of these rules in your daily life too, and if you’d like to learn a lot more about each of them just follow the links (underlined as well as being in bold) to learn more about each of these goals from other bloggers. If I’m not able to follow this list on a given day then I will do my best to explain in my diary entries. So, how do I intend to make 2014 my best year yet? Just like this…

Get up at the Same Time Every Morning

BoyToy recommends consistently getting up at the same time every morning (for me, it will be 7 am, when one of my favourite radio programs starts, and I will set four more alarms around the house every night to make I never oversleep this year). Read his article The Power of a Stable Sleep Schedule for more info on why I’m doing this. Here’s a quote from that article:

You shouldn’t focus on going to bed at the same time every day – that’s not the most important thing. The most important thing is that you wake up at the same time every day. So decide on a time that you want to wake up, and set an alarm for that. Use that alarm for a couple of weeks, until your body has adapted to the new stable sleep schedule. Then, you will discover that your body automatically wakes up just around the time of your alarm. When you start to feel this, you can basically shut the alarm off and wake up naturally without an annoying beep tone. If you’ve still not escaped 9-5, or if you have to be somewhere at a certain time, you can set the alarm to ring 20 minutes later, just as a backup, if your body’s natural clock will fail.

Use a To-Do List Every Day

Follow the link above to mindtools.com’s article on using to-do lists. Every day in 2014 I will use a to-do list that will remind me what I want to do every day, thereby staying disciplined (I will write up the list the night before and sometimes add to it during the day). Remember, “discipline is remembering what you want” (said David Campbell). Successful people all over the world use to-do lists every day: 81% of wealthy people maintain a to-do list vs. 19% of poor people (source). Unsurprisingly, Victor Pride, who makes ten thousand dollars online every month, uses to-do lists every day:

Big, big fan of to-do lists. I use them everyday. They can be written on anything, a notebook, notecards, the back of envelops, or you can use notepad on your computer. Just get those tasks written down and cross them off upon completion. The simple act of writing your tasks down seems to clear out space in your mind. Once it is written down, it does not have to be remembered.

Eat Healthy in 2014

As Napoleon Hill said, no one can have outstanding success without good health. Diet is fundamental to this and I will continue to learn about nutrition and eat healthily in 2014. Victor Pride pulls no punches as usual:

I’m still amazed at the sheer number of people who cannot put together the subpar “food” consumed with almost every ailment be it physical or mental. Garbage in is garbage out but no one can put 2 and 2 together. All that nasty food is loaded with added chemicals, fillers, and addictive compounds that work to make you stupid, lazy, docile, fat, weak, and sick. Next time you’re in line at KFC or McDonalds I want you to take a look around at everyone else in line. Do these people look like they’re in great health with abundant energy to take on the world? No? Do they look like they’re going to go home and eat their slop in front of the TV and go to work tomorrow to be able to buy more cow feed? Yes. If that’s the life you want then go for it. Perhaps there is a “fat acceptance community” you can join and bitch about how your genes won’t let you do anything.


You can eat nothing but real, healthy, natural whole food and see how fucking great you feel! Perhaps for the first time you will notice all this extra energy that you can put towards so many uses. Real whole foods include eggs, steaks, pork chops, fruits, vegetables, rice, potatoes, etc. It does not include wheat thins or other slop posing as health food. Eat healthy to be healthy. Healthy people have tons of energies. Fat cows have no energy.

Every Shower must be a Cold Shower

Boy Toy says that he starts every day with a cold shower for three reasons: to wake up, for the health benefits and to save money. Follow the link above to read his article on cold showers.

Carry a Pocket Notebook with me Everywhere

I first read about this idea on thesimpledollar.com (see link), and I have done it on and off since reading about this idea. But, in 2014 I am committed to taking a little pen and notebook with me everywhere I go because I am far more productive when I do. Successful people who carry a pocket notebook and pen with them everywhere they go include Victor Pride and Richard Branson. A quote from The Simple Dollar:

So many times throughout the day, I come up with useful ideas: ideas for saving money, ideas for preparing food, ideas to improve The Simple Dollar, tasks that I need to take care of, and so on.

Forgetting these ideas is as good as money lost. They float out of your mind and most likely are permanently forgotten. Maybe you had a brilliant idea for work that wasn’t quite fully formed yet. Maybe you remembered someone from high school that you should really get in touch with. Maybe you came up with an amazing web application idea that could net you millions. Or maybe you just remembered to get milk on the way home. All of these are ideas worth real money – and they all slip away.

No Porn or Masturbation

Probably the most difficult challenge of all; I will not look at porn or masturbate in 2014 (broke this rules twice, on January 1 and 3, then realised that this rule is the most critical to my success, so I moved it to the top of this list). Follow the link above to read Victor Pride from boldanddetermined.com’s article 10 Reasons to Stop Using Internet Porn. Here are my main reasons to not fap this year:

  • Whenever I fap, at the moment of orgasm I have the absolute WORST feeling of guilt and shame imaginable. I would go as far as to say that it is the worst feeling I have ever experienced. I don’t want others to suffer this.
  • I waste time looking up porn. Time that could be spent doing daygame, working out etc.
  • I waste time and money cleaning up after myself.
  • I feel completely drained after fapping. I often thought this was better than being sexually frustrated but it isn’t because I can always CHANNEL or TRANSMUTE this sexual energy into helping others.
  • I sleep far more after fapping as my body tries to replenish itself. It’s the reason why I felt drugged this morning.

No Soap or Shampoo

I did this during the summer of 2012 and it went well, but this year I am going all out and will not use any soap (except when washing my hands of course) or shampoo or conditioner. Follow the link above to see Boy Toy’s article. Here’s a quote from it that made me laugh out loud and convinced me to go soap and shampoo free this year:

[A] scientific study was done in Denmark from 2010-2013, where a male volunteer was put on a strict no-soap-or-shampoo regimen, to test the effects on his social life. During those 3 years, the male volunteer was observed receiving sex and oral sex from more than 150 women – without any complaints about smell. The researchers concluded that showering without soap and shampoo was awesome.

As Little TV as Possible

I can’t cut out television completely (though trust me I wish I could) but I will do my best to cut it out of my life as much as possible. I will definitely never watch TV on my own anyway, and if I’m with others I will try to be as social as possible or just read a book. I will also log my TV watching in my diary here. Follow the link above to read Joshua Fields Millburns article on theminimalists.com’s article about why he doesn’t own a television. Here’s what Victor Pride has to see about TV in a nutshell:

I’ll say this as delicately as I can: TV is for idiots.

TV is extra triple special for idiots when you watch during the day rather than take care or business. If you must watch tv, and this is a big if, only watch at night after a certain time and after the day’s ass-kicking has been done.

No Alcohol

I set myself just one goal for 2013, and that was not to drink. I succeeded, and will be continuing the challenge in 2014 based on Thomas’ ten reasons not to drink (see link). Here is a list of his ten reasons:

  1. Save money.

  2. Improve your outer body.

  3. Improve your inner body.

  4. Avoid erectile disfunction.

  5. Optimize your time.

  6. Avoid hangovers and save time.

  7. Drive without worry.

  8. Get admired (Demonstration of High Value).

  9. Remember all the fun you had.

  10. Be cooler and improve your game.

No Snooze Button

Usually I set my alarm for half an hour before I want to get up and then keep hitting snooze, but this year I won’t be using the snooze button and will instead get up right away. Follow the link to see Boy Toy’s take on the snooze button. An excerpt:

Remember – the snooze button is a button for fucking losers that don’t achieve anything, it’s a button for weak weaklings, and it’s a button for people that want to watch TV with their average wife, living an average life.

Work Out for 30 Minutes Every Day

I am committed to working out for half an hour every day so that I will have a nice toned body that I can be proud of when I look in the mirror and so I can ask girls to feel my bicep à la Sasha Daygame.

Write in Diary Every Day

I will do my best to write in my diary here every day to maybe inspire others, to learn from others and to be accountable. Here’s what BoyToy said on his website about keeping a diary:

From the day I turned 18, I have written a diary. Then, in late 2012, I was thinking to myself… Why not share this with the world, so other people can benefit from everything i have learned as well? It is a little crazy, but I have decided to share everything with you.

Learn About Game for 30 Minutes Every Day

I could easily study game all day, but as Tom Torero says, game should be 10% research and 90% infield. I will continue learning about game from Good Looking Loser, Boy Toy, Sasha Daygame, whoever.

Do 100 Daygame/Nightgame Approaches Month

I started doing daygame in early 2013, but I want to do a lot more of it in 2014. It’s going to be difficult since I live in a small town and am pretty ugly, but I will do it whenever I can, especially if I am in the city. I would love to upload videos of me doing direct approaches but I want to preserve my anonymity so maybe I’ll record the sets and transcribe them here.

Do 50 Online Game Approaches a Month

Almost as good as daygame.

Finish my college degree

I want to finish my college degree this year, I’m not that motivated by it but will give it one hour of my time every day and to make it my first priority every day. So college work will be the first thing I do every day.

Learn a New Word Every Day

I want to improve my English too this year so I can communicate more articulately, which will improve so many areas of my life from daygame to writing this blog. To achieve this, I’m going to learn one new word per day in 2014 which I will record in my diary and in this site’s Words of the Day archive. Follow the link above to read Time4Writing.com’s article The Importance of Vocabulary in Writing. Here is the introduction:

Every good mechanic has a toolbox full of tools. Some tools are used more than others, but every one has a specific purpose. In much the same way, writers have a “toolbox.” This “toolbox” is constantly growing and is filled with items like grammar, punctuation, and capitalization rules; figurative language; rhyme; rhythm; and vocabulary. Just as really good mechanics can pull out the right tools to make a good engine even more powerful, good writers can pull out the right tools at the right time to make good writing even more powerful. One tool that can “power up” your writing is a strong vocabulary.

The Only Goal That Really Matters

What really matters, when all is said and done, is making 2014 the best year of my life so far, when I progress as much as I can as a person and help others as much as I can too. That takes precedence over everything else and is my true goal for the year and I will do my best to achieve it.

Deep down in your heart you know exactly what you need to do to start your own business, or lose weight, or become a better person. You don’t need me to tell you the details.  Do that for all of your goals. I kept mine to 5 broad goals, but you can and should do it for as many goals as you have. – Victor Pride


18 comments on “GOALS + RULES FOR THE YEAR

  1. It’s completely planned 4:45 hours of your day every day besides your normal duties. How much does it all take with other duties? Is it realistic? Give yourself some unscheduled time, where you can play, listen to music, watch a movie or talk to your friend or family. Without that it will be more than hard.

    • My God, someone visited the site. Woohoo! Thanks for your concern, it probably is unrealistic but it will push and challenge me and that is really what the year is all about. I will probably have to revise things though in the future but for now I am committed.

  2. It sounds unrealistic unless you can be 100% commmited to it. If you are willing to succeed you can achieve it, or stick 100% to one goal(body,women,money,etc)

    Try to look at the list and remove the ones you consider irrelevant (For me: Yoga, counting every pennie, cardio, food diary). Just my opinion.

    • Thanks for the comment. I’m going to do a test run tomorrow (30 December 2013) and will report back on how I got on. The food diary and spending diaries are probably a bit much so I will get rid of them but I will try to keep the fifteen minutes of meditation.

  3. Nice! Whats your workout plan?

    So basically you:
    Wake up at 5am, Cold shower
    3 hours of study
    Daygame (Really interested about this)
    1.5 hour german/guitar/driving
    30 minute Workout(And this)
    Write diary
    *no soap/poo
    *no tv
    *no snooze
    *no alcohol
    *no fap
    *healthy eating

    Sounds awesome bro! Youll also want to fit favorite hobbies during your day so you have more fun (:

    • Thanks Ghost, hope you can follow me on my journey. My workout plan is very basic haha: put on my headphones and do lots of pushups, sit ups and squats; as many as possible in 30 minutes. I want to use only my body weight and no equipment at all this year.
      I won’t have the cold shower straight away in case I wake my family but when I do have a shower it will be a cold one. I won’t get to do much daygame because I live far from the centre in a small town, plus I’m pretty ugly and live with my family so don’t expect any lay reports haha (ha…) but I will do my best.

      • Well instead of daygame you can work the first months on self improvement,
        so you can feel confident to hit the daygame. Do you have any pics of yourself??

      • I’ve been doing daygame on and off since first discovering it in March of 2013 so will do it whenever I can. But this year is definitely all about self improvement. I’m not going to post any pics because I want to remain anonymous; don’t think I could handle being known.

    • Who are you again haha? Are you from BoyToyStory? It would be great if I could find people to help me on my journey along the way with stuff like style, girls etc but I don’t want to send a pic to just anybody you understand.

  4. Im a follower of goodlookingloser.com , BoyToy and
    Victor. You might want to take a look at GLL’s forum, very full of
    successful players(BoyToy included) willing to help in style, meeting women,gym
    and penis enlargement haha. BoyToy recommends GLL 100% in his website recommendations.

    • Are you on the GLL forum? I will definitely explore it more and maybe sign up. Are there any other self-improvement sites you would recommend? There aren’t that many photos of me to be honest (will try to find one or take one) but I think my style is pretty sophisticated. I try to follow BoyToy’s rules as best I can haha.

      • Those are the sources I trust for selfimprovement. Yeah, Im an active member of the forum, joining is a must if you are dead serious about selfimprovement.

      • Okay, will definitely read everything I can on Good Looking Loser. Right now I’m going through BoyToy’s and Victor Pride’s archives to see if there is anything more I could add to my list of goals/rules. Any suggestions? I cut the food diary and the spending diary after reading your comment yesterday.

  5. Awesome list. You’ve inspired me to get back on the cold shower track. I bailed on it a while ago. But I realized now that what it does is just set you up for a great day.

    When you cave and take a nice hot shower it feels great but it breeds giving in. Then it’s likely you’ll give in on porn and have a sweet. Getting finished with your cold shower is the hardest part so when you accomplish that the rest is cake.

    I’ve been porn free for 8 months and it’s hard, but worth it. Porn is weakness, I know see it as something that will always be there to test my strength. I still struggle at times after 8 months it’s crazy!

    But gl, check out my site MenProvement.com if you want, we’ve got some good stuff that I think could help you out and will have a lot of this type of stuff in the future.

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