What motivated me was how fucking fed up I was with being a loser. I didn’t have confidence but I had determination and willpower to take action. And that changes [everything] 100 times more than theory books and shit – BoyToy

My unlimited love to you all. However you may have come across this site I just want to say thanks for visiting and I hope it can help you in some small way. Allow me to introduce myself; I’m a very regular guy in his early twenties (call me JLT) and this is a blog about reinventing myself and helping others as much as possible in the year of 2014. Let me set the scene for 2014 for you…

For most of my life I’ve been a loser: skinny, weedy body, few friends, bad grades, no real hobbies, no burning desire in life, no career direction, didn’t lost my virginity until late 2009 etc. I’ve been trying to change for a long time now, but I want 2014 to be year of constant change and progress for me.

My inspiration to start this blog mainly came from a guy called Thomas Young (aka Boy Toy) in Denmark, who has his own blog, boytoystory.com. In 2013 I looked for any direct daygame videos I could on YouTube, whether they were Sasha Daygame, Tom Torero, whoever. Eventually, I found some of Boy Toy’s daygame videos, motivated that there were others guys my age out there doing daygame and inspired by his style of approach. But, it would take me a few more months before I watched his lifestyle videos and visit his blog, discovering his amazing story…

BoyToy had a tough time growing up, like me:

In my childhood I was a lonely nerd, playing counter strike all day. Until late 2009 I was a virgin. I never had ANY girlfriends, not even any friends.I was bullied, I was skinny and weak. Everything. In other words, I was a complete loser.

Lots of us have lived like this, and most of us improve, but only slightly (some might improve their style, others might take up a new hobby). But what BoyToy achieved was nothing short of phenomenal. How did he do it? Hard work. When Thomas turned sixteen he decided to completely reinvent himself…

5 years ago I decided to change my life. I was sick and tired of feeling hopeless.
So I spent soooo many hours every day, soo many years, going out, reading books, getting rejected, having dates, crying in despair, doing daygame, having lots of failures and more and more success, until I got to where I am today.

And that’s why this guy is one of my heroes; he made the changes I should have made a long time ago and he leads this incredible life that is “free and full of adventure” and records it in his diary online and with his articles and videos all for free and for the good of humanity. I’ve kept a diary since 2004, when I was just twelve years old, but in 2014 I want to publish all of my diary online so that I will be accountable and to provide any help or inspiration if I can.

I don’t see myself becoming any way near as successful as Thomas, but I still want 2014 to be a great year in which I can achieve many of my goals I have set for myself and to learn as much from him as possible and to emulate him and many others I admire whatever way I can to show other guys like me out there that it can be done.

As the quote at the top of the page tells us, we must be the change we wish to see in the world. How awesome would the world be if everyone followed the advice of guys like BoyToy, Victor Pride and a cornucopia of other great bloggers? Well, I wondered how I could make 2014 the most interesting year of my life yet and focussing on learning from these guys while learning as much as I can myself seems like a very interesting way to spend the year! So, I have set up this blog you are reading now, and I hope you like it. The name “JustLikeThis2014” comes from a Limp Bizkit song from 1999.

So, to sum up, this blog exists for three reasons:

  1. To keep myself on track by reminding me what I want to achieve this year.
  2. To keep myself publically accountable to others.
  3. To help others by bettering myself.
  4. To help those who read this website by showing them what is possible when they follow the advice of great people.

Ready to join me on my adventure? Then let’s get started! Visit each of my essential-reading pages. First, check out my Goals + Rules for 2014 to see my gameplan for the year (you’re probably going to want to adopt some of these yourself). Then check out my diary entries which are sorted by month at the top of this page. If you want to see who my online heroes are then check out the Recommended section (trust me, there’s a lot of incredible resources in there). Finally, if you want to contact me then check out the Contact page or feel free to comment on any of the pages/posts here.

Thanks again for visiting.

Wishing you the very best 2014 possible,

JLT ;)


5 comments on “ABOUT JUST LIKE THIS 2014

  1. Interesting site, good luck with everything.

    This reminds me of my first site, and when I set myself towards something like this incredible things happened. I’m excited for you!

    But I stopped reading at this line: “I don’t see myself becoming anywhere near as successful as Thomas.” I think one of your goals should be to completely change that mindset and in the end of 2014 be the guy who thinks “there’s no way I won’t be as successful as Thomas.”

    But good luck and I will come back to see how things are going ; )

  2. hey man, just dropping by from the GLL forums to wish you the best of luck with all your goals!

    BoyToy is one of my inspirations too as well as some other names you mention like Tom Torero & Krauser (I bought his Daygame Mastery), so basically what I’m saying is I can relate to you.

    • Thanks Horny, this means a lot to me as I’m a great admirer of your posts on GLL, and make sure to read all your comments on BoyToyStory.com. Keep up the good work and I wish you the very best of luck with your goals too.

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